Tours every day


Road Bike ride up to 3 hours, various routes and destinations.

9.30 - 12.30 approx. 80 km. 60


Greenway ride. Any bike for a gentle ride to suit all abilites along the (traffic free) greenway to themarket at the historic town of Arta.

9.30 - 13.00. 43


Road Bike ride to the market at Sineu. Established in 1306, it is one of the oldest on the island and has a diverse range of products from livestock and food to shoes & gifts.

9.30 - 12.30. Approx. 70km. €60


High intensity road bike session. If you want to maintain your fitness while on holiday, join us for a challenging 3 hour ride of 80km

12.00 - 15.00 60


Country ride on road bikes to the town centre of Petra, a cycling hotspot that attracts riders from all over the island.

Approx. 70km. 9.30 - 13.00 €60


Join us for a long cycling ride in the north west of the island. Bike transfers with our minibus means no wasted miles, just high quality scenery and challenging climbs.

approx. 120km's. times vary. €110


Easy paced city Bike ride to Porto Cristo to visit the Caves of Drach. (Price does not include entry to caves).


Early bird summer special!

road bike ride 6.30 am June, July & August. Back for family fun time!



History of the railway line

1913. Rafel Blanes, a lawyer from Artà, promotes the construction of the railway up to this locality. The concession was granted to Ferrocarriles de Mallorca.

1921. Inauguration of the steam train line. It took years to build it.

1936. During the Civil War (1936-1939), the forces of the Republican Army that had landed in Portocristo arrive in Son Carrió. The Francoist soldiers dismantled the track between this station and Sant Llorenç in order to prevent the enemy from using it.

1937. Construction of a stopping place between Son Carrió and Son Servera to provide service to a coastal battery consisting of four cannons that was located in Na Penyal.

1977. Closing of the line Inca-Manacor and, therefore, of its extension up to Artà.

2003. Reopening of the line Inca-Manacor with modern diesel trains.

2008. Beginning of the works based on a project to bring back the train to the route Manacor-Artà. The works were never completed.

2014. Inauguration of a greenway located in the same place where the old railway track used to be.

Points of interest

Greenway Manacor-Artà

You are now on the Green Way Manacor-Artà, which links both population centres along 29 kilometres and follows the route of an old railway line.

In 2014 it was reopened again for walkers and cyclists to use with the aim of promoting tourism, sport and the contact with nature in the Majorcan region of Llevant. The stations Sant Llorenç, Son Servera and Artà have been rehabilitated as visitor centres.

General Rules of use of the Green Way

  • Move carefully and show respect to the other users and the environment
  • RESPECT AND MAKE OTHERS RESPECT the rules and signs of the Green Way
  • Do not Walk/Ride TOO FAST
  • Move only within the AUTHORISED AREAS
  • RESPECT the rights of way
  • KEEP on the right and OVERTAKE on the left
  • WARN others before you overtake
  • WARN others of you maneuvers and AVOID sharp turns
  • DO NOT STAND in the way of others users
  • WALK/RIDE IN LINE in tunnels and narrow passages
  • HORSES can only go at walking speed
  • DOGS must be on a leash
  • We recommend cyclist to wear bike helmets