Road Handbike with Carbon Frame

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1 day 120 €
2 days 144 € 3 days 172 €
4 days 207 € 5 days 248 €
6 days 272 € 7 days 288 €
For more days + 15 € per day

1 Day €120
2 Days €144
3 Days €172
4 Days €207
5 Days €248
6 Days €272
7 Days €288
8 Days to 20 Days €15 additional per day
More than 20 Days: +€15 per additional day

Features of our handbike with carbon frame

frame FRAME 100% Carbon - CarbonMaster
fork FORk 100% Carbon 12x100 mm Flat Mount
disc brake FRONT BRAKE Shimano XTR
brakes PARKING BRAKE Ultegra BR-R8070
cassette CASSETTE Sram XX1 12-Speed 10-50
derailleur DERAILLEUR Sram XX1 AXS Eagle
shift levers SHIFT LEVERS Sram XX1 AXS Eagle
rear tire REAR TIRE Puncture-Proof Tubular
front tire FRONT TIRE Puncture-Proof Tubular
crankset CRANKSET Sram XX1
front wheel FRONT WHEEL Corima Disk
rear wheel REAR WHEEL Corima

Why the road handbike?

Enjoy Mallorca

The road handbike, your perfect ally to explore Mallorca with style, comfort, and efficiency. Ideal for any adventure, from Cala Bona to wherever you set the limits.

The road handbike is waiting to take you through the most stunning landscapes of Mallorca. Equipped with an ergonomic design, it offers you an exceptional cycling experience. Whether you want to stroll along the coast or challenge yourself on more demanding routes, this handbike adapts to your needs, allowing you to cover long distances effortlessly. Its advanced technology and unparalleled comfort make every ride an unforgettable adventure. It's not just a rental; it's the gateway to a new way of experiencing Mallorca.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose the road handbike to explore Mallorca?

  • It's a perfect ally for exploring Mallorca with style, comfort, and efficiency.
  • Offers an exceptional cycling experience with an ergonomic design.
  • Adapted for coastal walks or more demanding routes, allowing for effortless long-distance travel.
  • Its advanced technology and comfort turn each ride into an unforgettable adventure.
  • Suitable for people with reduced mobility.
  • Handbike classified as H4.

What do customers think about the bike rental service at Rent a Bike Sancho?

  • Positive feedback about the quality of services and the condition of the bicycles.
  • Favorable reviews of customer service and the attention received in the physical store.

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