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We guarantee our experience since 1972. Where Ms. Angela Pujol started with a small rental bikes and motorcycles in the Levant, whereslowly growing passion for two wheels. With her family she began marketing in bicycle sales, rental, accessories and repair. Since 1972we are in this exciting sector, internationally recognized. With the best professional and personal service, thanks to our dedicated to thefascinating world of the Bicycle staff. Year after year to innovate every day to always be up to date on developments and technologies.


Sancho Bikes  know that vor all the Bike lovers it is Importanz to always carry your bicycle to the Pointe and with optimum qualities for each type of bike, so we always have the best bikes and the best brands, with unbeatable quality and good prices.

We specialize in competition bikes MTB and road competition thanks to specialized staff, but also from an economic and disposable bike to a delicate and precise road bike. We offer maintenance and improvement as well as sale and installation of accessories. We also have a service EXPRESS SHOP for repairs on the spot. With huge 2nd hand bike we can customize according to their taste and use. Also: home service ... And above all much love for the bike, and who loves his bike knows what we mean.

Customer care and services

  • Tours with guide.
  • Technical service en route or at the Hotel, equipment according to market price.
  • Transportation of bikes to the hotel or at the airport.
  • Choice of different routes based physical condition of the cyclist.
  • Van (25 bikes road trip), car and motorbike support groups, with wheels parts for excursions guided tour.
  • Technical material and specific supplements cyclists · Sports Physiotherapist: cycling, athletics and swimming.
  • full day excursions with the possibility of picnic.
  • timely information insular sporting calendar.
  • Everything related to the world of competition cycling and triathlon.
  • Briefing.
  • We have all the information and expertise in cycling, duathlon and triathlon.
  • Event information on the island.

Our Store

Rent a Bike and Mopeps in Cala Bona

Paseo Marítimo, nº13
Cala Bona
Phone. +34 971 585 529



We are cyclists who work for cyclists.